Many companies have adapted the concept of remote working in a bid to safeguard their employees’ health and keep business operations running smoothly amid the global COVID-19 pandemic.

While this approach is crucial as it seeks to save companies from potential doom, the key aspect however, is for managers and employees to have strategies in place to improve their productivity.

Below are some tips that both employees and managers can adapt to not only boost their productivity but also ensure that there is customer retention after the storm has settled.

Embracing digital communication channels for easier communication

Adapt video conferencing tools such as Zoom or Google Hangout, to allow you to communicate and keep in touch with your colleagues.

Now more than ever it is crucial to have home internet connection or to have a monthly data plan to achieve a hotspot to be in constant communication with your fellow colleagues.

Phone Calls and Emails

Other than embracing the virtual tools mentioned above. Emphasis should also be put on being always accessible on your mobile phone and emails to ensure prompt replies and continuous flow of information. The following should be observed:

Reply promptly to customer calls, emails or text messages.

Ensure that your phones and laptops are fully charged. Control any background noises while speaking to clients or managers on these devices.

Acknowledge emails when received and indicate the appropriate actions to be taken regarding the same.

Checking in on employees

Managers need to be keen on the behavior of their staff. Has a staff member gone silent whereas in normal circumstances they contribute to group discussions? Do staff members seem withdrawn while taking part in virtual meetings or are they late in responding to emails?

All the above are signs that something could be wrong and it is crucial for managers to call the employee and understand what challenges they could be facing.

Likewise, staff meeting should be carried on as usual virtually to discuss progress that has been made on various projects as well as look for solutions for any challenges that may arise from remote working.

Dress casually

It is tempting to stay in pajamas all day now that you are working from home. However, subconsciously your mind tends to assume that there is not much work to be done.

Changing from your pajamas to other casual clothes sends a signal to the brain that you mean to get some work done and will go a long way in improving your productivity.

Designate a work space in your home

Look for a corner or room where you can work away from any distractions in the house.

Define your working hours  

Holding yourself accountable as an employee is crucial for the survival of your company. Define the best hours when you can get the work done but also ensure that set deadlines are met.

However, the most advisable thing would be to stick to your regular normal working hours so that it will be easy to settle in when things go back to normal.

Don’t Get Too Sucked in by the News

At the moment, almost everyone has become an expert or a journalist in reporting about the COVD-19.

The biggest distraction yet has been the news as focus has been shifted to the pandemic. As a result, it is to watch yourself into anxiety.

While staying informed is crucial, limit the amount of time spent watching news so that you are able to become more productive.

Socialize with your fellow colleagues

The biggest downside of working from home is that it has limited social interactions that you would otherwise have in the office.

To combat this, engage with your co-workers during the week via calls or videos about what they have been up to Further, if possible set up virtual games that employees can take part in.

Customer interaction and retention

All the above tips are geared towards ensuring that employee productivity is top notch to ensure that clients are well taken care of during this period.

As such, meeting client deadlines is still very crucial in this period. Remember to also ask how your clients are doing and what contingency plans they have in place.

In conclusion, following the above practices can help ensure enhanced productivity and ensure customer satisfaction and retention.

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