Effective, efficient and timely fund management is a critical element in the success of donor funded projects and other stakeholder’s programs.

At MGK we work with Donors and Funders, Research and Development Organisations, Corporate entities, implementing partners and other stakeholders to contribute to the success of projects and programs by:

  1. Handling project and related funds through our client bank accounts in compliance with local laws and regulations.
  2. Reviewing funding requests in line with agreed upon terms and conditions.
  3. Disbursing funds to implementing partners, direct recipients, suppliers and service providers.
  4. Payment of related taxes deducted from source where applicable.
  5. Preparing the related financial reports in line with agreed timelines.
  6. Consolidating and organizing the supporting documents either in hard copies, soft copies or both depending on your needs.

We customize your fund management services to fit your specific need and address your key concerns and risks.