As we serve our clients in the SME sector, we have witnessed the various challenges businesses face in the area of financial management and planning. These revolve around record keeping, understanding and interpreting financial statements, preparing budgets and forecasts and compliance with tax and regulatory requirements.

As part of our corporate social responsibility, we established the MGK FOUNDATION through which we share our knowledge and expertise with business owners and managers so as to equip them to manage their business finances better. We believe that having reliable financial reports on business performance together with ability to understand and interpret them greatly enhances the business owners’ decision making. Better decisions in turn enhance the chances of survival and growth of their businesses.

We also believe that business owners and managers have a wealth of experience, gained in the trenches of tackling business challenges, that can be shared amongst themselves and with budding entrepreneurs. The MGK FOUNDATION offers a platform for knowledge sharing and networking.

Join us to benefit from and/or contribute to our programs in this quest to promote enterprise in Kenya.

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