In today’s world, tax risk management is crucial to ensure that the gains accruing to Organisations’ are safeguarded. This is by ensuring that organisations’ have complied with the applicable tax regulations while also benefiting from the available tax benefits.

The tax landscape can have far-reaching consequences for organisations’ that do not have the right professionals to inform them of the taxation requirements as well as keep them abreast of changes.

At MGK, we offer support to ensure that our clients comply with their tax obligations and also take advantage of available and applicable tax benefits

Our tax services include:

  1. Tax planning and advisory to the For Profit and the Not for Profit Organisations and individuals
  2. Tax filling, payment and periodical compliance services
  3. Conducting tax health checks and reviews
  4. Tax dispute resolutions services
  5. Tax due diligence services
  6. Tax training services
  7. Transfer pricing advisory services
  8. Handling tax audits and tax reviews

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