We provide the following Company Secretarial Services in Kenya through our affiliate Axiom Registrars.

Business Registration

We help you register and operationalize your business. We are conversant with and can facilitate the following forms of registration:

a) Business names

b) Limited liability companies

c) Foreign branches

d) Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO’s)

We go a step further and assist in obtaining tax registration of the entity and the directors and in the process of opening a bank account. Once the above is done, the entity is in a position to commence operations.

Company Secretarial Services

Public companies, private companies with a paid up capital of five million shillings or more and some regulated companies are required to appoint a company secretary by law or regulation. Other companies can also benefit from a company secretary on matters related to corporate governance and compliance. The services we provide include:

a) Acting as the Company Secretary

b) Providing registered office services

c) Maintaining statutory registers

d) Convene, attend and take minutes of Board of Directors and committee meetings

e) Convene, attend and take minutes of Annual General Meetings (AGM) and Special General Meetings (SGM)

f) Handle matters of changes in share capital and shareholding structure

g) Appointment and resignation of directors of the company

h) File annual returns

i) Filing of other notifications required by the Registrar of Companies

Local Representative for Foreign Companies

Foreign companies are required by Section 979 of the Companies Act to have at least one local representative. The local representative is responsible for ensuring that the branch complies with the requirements of the Act. In addition, the foreign company is required to establish and maintain a registered office in Kenya which is kept open on each business day and at which a local representative is present. We provide local representative and registered office services to ease your compliance.

Company De-registration or Dissolution

In the eventually that you wish to cease operations and dissolve the company, we guide and handle the process of de-registration up to the point that the company is struck off the register of companies.

Advisory Services

We offer advisory on matters related to the Companies Act and Corporate Governance including conducting corporate governance audits.


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