Did you know that employing foreign nationals to work in Kenya without a valid work permit is illegal? If found out, the employees would be deported immediately. Therefore, it is necessary for any foreign worker planning to work in Kenya to apply for the work permit before they actually enter Kenya.

What are the work permits available in Kenya?


In Kenya, there are various types of Work permits and passes. Currently this are:

Class A For anyone interested in prospecting and Mining industries
Class B For anyone interested in Agriculture or Animal Husbandry
Class C For those interested in specific Profession who will practice alone/ be in a partnership in Kenya
Class D For those looking for Employment in Kenya for specific skills and qualifications not available in Kenya.
Class F Those interested in specific Manufacturing activities
Class  G Investors in specific trade, business, or Consultancy
Class I For Approved Religious or charitable activities
Class K For Ordinary Residents
Class M For  Refugees


Applications and submissions

All work permits and passes are applied online together with the relevant supporting documentation. Once approved, the applicants can download and print the work permits and passes from the Kenya Government immigration portal

Those renewing their work permits should at the very least begin the process three months prior to the expiration date.

Timelines for Application of work permits: This normally takes two to six months.

How does MGK Help?

Our team of local experts are available to support you in the work permits advisory and onboarding process. For more details, kindly contact our Outsourced Services Partner, Betty Kamau on

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