The due date for filing the 2021 December year end’s self-assessment returns is fast approaching and with only less than 30 days left before the filing due date, below is what you need to know with regards to filing these returns:

1. Due date: The filing deadline is on or before 30th June 2022.
2. Who needs to file: Both companies and individuals regardless of whether they had
transactions or earned income for the period ending December 2021.
3. Documents required for filing

4. What you need to do: You will be required to populate the relevant return spreadsheets with the appropriate transaction details. The return spreadsheets can be downloaded
from the respective taxpayer i-tax account.
5. Consequences for late filing: Failure to file the returns on time attracts late filing
penalty as follows:

  •  Corporate entities: 5% of the tax payable or KES 20,000 whichever is the
  • Individual: 5 % of the tax payable or KES 2,000 whichever is the higher.

6. Who to contact in case of any clarification: Our below service team members will be more than happy to assist you with any clarification or query you may have with regards to the tax filing.

Jeremiah Mvera – Tax Manager Partner
T: 254 724 814 751

Beatrice Kamau – Tax & Outsourcing
T: +254 721 281 430

James Gichuru – Audit Partner
T: 254 722 100 337

Daniel Muhia – Managing Partner
T: +254 722 875 999

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